List of IDs / coin

I have red the API’s documentation some days ago.

I still haven’t got where I can find the list of symbols: I can get everything about a coin/symbol but in the query I have to give the list of the symbols /IDs.

Can you please give me a hint about how to get list of the coins?

Thank in advance.

You can get a list of all currencies with their Nomics IDs (unique for use on the API) and display symbols (not unique, for display to users only) here:

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To get the data about an asset, we need to know the Nomics ID, right? How do I get a list of all available / valid Nomics IDs? Is there any endpoint to get this data?

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Yes see my post directly above yours.

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Yeah I got it, thank you!!!

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I’m using the following API method to retrieve the list of cryptocurrencies:

This returns almost 37,000 currencies. There seems to be several versions of the same currencies and not everything seems to be a cryptocurrency, like for example the one with the code “0241CX” that is called “Alibaba Health Information Technology Limited”. Is that a company stock instead?

How do I do if I only want a list of cryptocurrencies exclusively (without duplicates)?

Thank you in advance.

0241.CX is a cryptocurrency token that is pegged to a stock by

That is a list of all of our cryptocurrencies, there are just many different kinds.

This endpoint does not seem to work with a free plan. When I use it, I get the response:

“You don’t have permissions to access this endpoint. Check your API key and our documentation at for details.”

How are we supposed to get a list of the coins on a free plan?

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To get a list of coins on the free plan, please use the currencies ticker: API Documentation | Nomics

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Hey @cdc

the solution is outdated, you might use this:

the correct call for the ‘new free’ ticker endpoint would be:


However, this will not work since it’s a JSON format and they offer no format function on this endpoint. You will only receive 100 results per page or you can customize your results.

In order to read JSON you have to go to github and get a free script to import the JSON data as csv (I used this: import_json_appsscript.js · GitHub)

Then you load this function into your Google App Script (Extension > App Script). Save it, and run.

Now you are able to call a new function in your cells: =importJSON()

=ImportJSON(“,30d&per-page=100&page=1”) and it works for ONLY the 1st 100 tickers.

If you want only custom tickers (BTC, ETH for example), change to:


Then you call the values where you want them to show with a vlookup() function.

Hope this helps!

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