Market Cap history for individual currencies

Hi There - I’m trying to compile historical market caps for individual currencies for our indices, - which i’d like to migrate to your data feed.

The supplies interval data seems a bit light on history and has some gaps. However, I see you calculate the Total Market Cap for all crypto assets which has a much longer track record.

Can you help me understand the difference in data availability?

You’re right that the supply information only has a limited history. When we calculate market cap, we use the closest supply and price to a given day. So, for long term history our market caps are using the oldest supply we have. This may have some drift, depending on the supply schedules for individual coins.

Could you share how you get the individual market cap form the API? It seems to be deprecated now. Thanks

  1. Global Market Cap
  2. Supply History x OHLCV Candle Price = historic market cap for one currency
  3. Currency Ticker is current market cap, price, and supply for all currencies (or just one, but only for right now and some interval deltas).