Market Cap NaN for active coins with market cap

Hi there,

For HUM (Nomics id==HUM), the market cap is returning as NaN from the currencies/ticker call, even though according to coinbase HUM/USD has a market cap of 309M.

There are many other coins in the ‘active’ list that have a NaN for market cap, but that appear incorrect as well. Why is this value null for so many?


When I query the currency ticker for HUM the field is not present, indicating we don’t have a market cap for HUM.

I believe you are getting a result as NaN because you’re attempting to perform a string to number conversion before making a non-null check.

I am not sure where Coinbase sources market cap data. For us to list market cap data we need the token project to contact us and provide proof of their circulating supply. This is more complicated and requires more communication with more projects and thus takes time.