Market type, No spot trading for Bybit?


How do you define the market type in the ticker API?

Bybit offers plenty of spot trading markets, for example, BTC-USDT:

However, when I call the API, you are categorizing this as a derivative market (see below):
Is the data in your API incorrect, or am I missing something?

“exchange”: “bybit”,
“market”: “BTCUSDT”,
“type”: “derivative”,

I appreciate your help,
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Bybit has both spot and derivative markets:

At this time we only have their derivative data.

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Thanks for your answer!

Is it foreseen in the future to add Bybit spot market as well in your API?
Do you have a list of exchanges that are “missing” data points (such as Bybit spot market)?

Much appreciated!

Yes, it’s on our integration queue. We’re constantly discovering new data sources and adding them as quickly as we can. We don’t maintain a public list of this information. However at any time please feel free to let us know if there’s data you don’t see on Nomics that you would like us to add.