Miscellaneous to a Free Plan

Hello Guys,

I hope this email finds you well.

Please, I’d like to know if someone of these requirements bellow prevents me to use the FREE plan? All questions refer to pair BTC. Let’s get to know them.

Is it possible to get:

  1. a unique Id to differ coins with the same Symbol?
  2. an Id to identify the same coins with different Symbols? (the opposite of item 1)
  3. the number of confirmations in each wallet network?
  4. the information on whether an asset is an ERC-20 or BEP token or whether it operates using a different blockchain directly? (Ex: Mainnet vs ERC20 vs BEP2 vs Others networks)
  5. the information’s above without rate limitation? (Ex: 100 requests/sec; 10 requests/ms, etc)

If any of these requirements let me out of the FREE plan, please, could you indicate to me which of them is it? And how much cost to acquire it?

I leave my best regards and thanks in advance.

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1+2: yes, with the API I mentioned to you here: How to get the list of asset ids?
3+4: no we do not have this information
5: all our apis do not have a rate limit

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Hello, Nick Gauthier,

Thanks for your answers. They will be useful.

One more question:
Please, by API is it possible to get the full name of each coin by Free Plan?

Thanks in advance.

Yes, with that same endpoint.

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Hello Nick Gauthier,

I hope this message finds you well.

Please, could you help me to understand a bit more about items 1 and 2 above?

What kind of information bellow comes together with Unique Id to associate it to the respective coin?

a) the “full name” given by the coin’s project?
b) a “generic name” given by Nomics?
c) the “symbol” of the coin given by the coin’s project?
d) a “symbol” of the coin given by Nomics?

My best regards and thanks in advance.

In the currencies ticker documentation at https://docs.nomics.com:

Expand the green “200” bar. Here are the fields:

a. name: full name of the project
b. id: unique nomics ID
c. symbol: display symbol (for humans) may be duplicated, don’t use in API requests.

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