Multiple API calls on same page (Wordpress)


I’m building a page in Wordpress using the Nomics api (paid plan).

I’m trying to make two CURL requests, the Aggregated OHLCV Candles and Currencies Ticker GET requests, on the same page. When I do this the data doesn’t comes through on page load for both or one of the requests. Separately the GET requests return data just fine. Is this a me/Wordpress issue, or is there some issue with using multiple nomics requests on the same page? I’m newer to developing with APIs and Wordpress/PHP has it’s own hurdles, so I’m trying a number of solutions for my issue. I want to make sure the cause was or wasn’t Nomics.


If you can share the error message we can help determine if it’s an issue with using the Nomics API or within your own code.

I get no console errors and no issues in the error logs. I’d include a link but I’m working on a staging server I can’t link publicly. I initially thought it’s the way I’m fetching the data but I’ve tried many different ways to fetch the data and same result. If there’s a way for me to get you this link privately let me know, thanks.

You can email with the private link. Put “ATTN Nick Gauthier” in it somewhere and link to this forum post and it will get to me.

Great. I sent the email Nick. I also just confirmed it to be an issue with the two api calls on the same page [Aggregated OHLCV Candles endpoint] and the [Currencies Ticker endpoint]. I used the coingecko api for the 1d prices instead of the ohlcv candles request from Nomics and the data came in just fine on every page load.

My issue was that I was using a 1rps API key, when I thought I was using my paid 100rps API key. Thank you Nomics for the fast help.

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