Need help starting out please

I am new to API use. I urgently need to import data into a Google Sheets spreadsheet for personal use.
I have found no issues using =IMPORTDATA(“”) command and receive price data, however when I replace “prices?” with “market_cap?” I get no data. I really need Market cap totals and a couple of other variables, so how do I get this to work? Also can I request more than one dataset using IMPORTDATA?

Please help, I am certain I can follow any steps you might suggest.
Many thanks


We don’t have a CSV compatible market cap source. You will need to use the Currency Ticker which only supports JSON. Your other option is to download a CSV manually from

Hi NRG, any plans to include the CSV compatibility for a market cap source in the near future? Thank you!

We don’t have plans for CSV market cap data at this time.