No API key in the order confirmation mail after signup

Hi there,

I looked through the documentation and even though I only need the API for a simple spreadsheet in Google Docs (to share with my brother whom I share this interest with) and found that Nomic’s API should provide plenty what I need. So decided to sign up. Everything goes smooth, I enter my details and I get an email. Wow - super smooth and quick signup process!

However, there seems to be some kind of issue. I am sure I signed up for the free API key, but in the email I receive, it reads:

Here’s the info you need:

API docs can be found here:

*API key: * contact merchant for license

So while I’m absolutely sure I chose the free license, the order confirmation tells me to contact merchant for license for some reason.

I tried searching through this forum to see if I could figure out how to proceed from here, but apparently, this isn’t described anywhere, so I’m a bit confused :slight_smile:

I hope someone can point me in the right direction on this,

Thanks in advance,

Hello, sorry for the inconvenience, we’ll get you a key shortly.

Apologies! Please place the order again and you will receive a key this time.

Wonderful, thanks for the quick response.

Also, somewhat relieved to find that it wasn’t me being stupid and unable to figure out how to properly sign up :slight_smile:

Cheers, and have a nice weekend,