No data for many bittrex global pairs

See for instance :
and compare with



Bittrex blocks access to all data for their global pairs to anyone in the United States, us included. We’re aware of the issue and we’re working on a workaround, but for now that data is not available.

Thanks for the report,
Nick Gauthier
CTO @ Nomics

Hi Nick. Any news on this please ? Thought a vpn was good enough. We’ve got wrong data in API as a result. Many thanks.

Unfortunately, not at this time. The challenge with routing traffic is the IP based rate limits, which do not scale well. So we are searching for a scalable solution.

We have this thread tracked as part of the project, so we will update you when a solution is in place.

Hi Nick,
Did you find a workaround ? The data we get is not correct as a result.
Many thanks,

Hi Herveh,

We don’t have a solution yet, but it is something we continue to investigate.