Nomics Api-Free Plan Using

Hello, I am developing a mobile application. This mobile application uses the nomics api. I quoted your site in the description section of this mobile application created with a free account. This app can now be published for free. I quoted your site name in the app before posting it on the store, but do you mind if I publish the app anyway?
I am an individual developer.


Only if the app is purely for non-commercial purposes. This includes marketing yourself and your services as a developer, as well as any kind of advertisements in the app or in-app purchases.

Thanks for your answer.
As I understand it, there is a commercial use if we are showing ads in the app or making in-app purchases. There are no in-app purchases in my app. There are no ads in my app. The application is an application that displays the name and prices of cryptocurrencies. Do you think my app has a commercial purpose? I want to edit my mind to publish the app accordingly.

Sounds like it’s just a hobby project to me. Keep in mind the free key rate limits are low so you may need a commercial plan eventually just to keep up with users.