Nomics API - Rate Limits

Hello, thank you for building this amazing API!

I am a senior student and I want to build an app based on Data Science and Cryptocurrency. (For my bachelor’s thesis.)

I was planning to send request once in every 5 seconds. (Only to track prices) (It is approximately 17.300 request / per day). I don’t want to be banned :slight_smile:

Sorry if its included in documents, I couldn’t find about this and I searched about this in the forum. I apologize if it is clearly stated in documents or asked by someone in forum.

Edit : I’ve found useful informations here.
Sorry, I am kinda sleepy. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Hello, limits are detailed here:

The free plan is limited to 1 request per second. If you exceed this, you will get HTTP 429 errors until the next second. We don’t ban keys at this time.



This information is not available (anymore) on the page provided above. Where can we find the latest information about rate limitations for the API?


Thanks, we’ll get that info restored. The free plan currently has a rate limit of one request per second.

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