Nomics API - Rate Limits

Hello, thank you for building this amazing API!

I am a senior student and I want to build an app based on Data Science and Cryptocurrency. (For my bachelor’s thesis.)

I was planning to send request once in every 5 seconds. (Only to track prices) (It is approximately 17.300 request / per day). I don’t want to be banned :slight_smile:

Sorry if its included in documents, I couldn’t find about this and I searched about this in the forum. I apologize if it is clearly stated in documents or asked by someone in forum.

Edit : I’ve found useful informations here.
Sorry, I am kinda sleepy. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Hello, limits are detailed here:

The free plan is limited to 1 request per second. If you exceed this, you will get HTTP 429 errors until the next second. We don’t ban keys at this time.

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