Nomics Exchange data different from other providers?

Hello! I’m trying to get historical volume data for Binance, but I see large differences between what Nomics and other providers like coinmarketcap and coingecko report, especially in derivative volumes. For instance, on 1/3/2022 Coingecko shows spot of 13,688,794,671 and derivative volume of 43,177,298,728. Coinmarketcap is close to Coingeckos figures, but Nomics shows 14,734,588,031 spot and 21,488,168,212 derivatives. Is there an understood reason for the difference?


We’re happy to do a deep dive comparing our data to first party sources such as Binance themselves, but we cannot afford to dig into every difference between us and another aggregator such as CoinMarketCap or CoinGecko.

Unfortunately, questions like “you say X but CMC says Y” are difficult to answer because we don’t have intimate knowledge of CMC’s internal processes, or how their systems work (that’s private info, and of course CMC is often quite wrong and has known data quality issues).

If you have links or screenshots to first party sources such as charts on an exchange vs pages on, we’d be happy to investigate.