Nomics in UDF format for tradingview integration?



Is it possible to get Nomics data in UDF format for Tradingview integration?

The charting library they supply uses arrays of o,h,l,c,v,t(unix timestamp) to generate graphs.

If its not something you guys do let me know?




@Mike_Hibbert This is not something we provide at this time. But I’m also not familiar with UDF format either. Could you point me to any reference material and provide some more context on how you would like to use something like that?


Thanks for getting back to me but I managed to fix this using an alternative JS API object that TV also supports.

FYI UDF is an object like this:

o: [1,2 …],
h: [1,2 …],
l: [1,2 …],
c: [1,2 …],
v: [1,2 …],
s: “ok” // for confirmation to TV only

The JS API way is mentioned here

Thanks for the support!


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