Percentage of the volume


I received an API key from site I wrote a small program to get data about volumes for the day 2020-05-27:

import urllib.request

url = “


This program outputs data in the format:

b’05/27/2020 00:00:00, 2073080329 ,\n05/27/2020 01:00:00, 1892546830 ,\n05/27/2020 02:00:00, 1982179371 ,\n05/27/2020 03:00:00,1827158423,\n05/27/2020 04:00:00,1800426089,\n05/27/2020 05:00:00,1911245598,\n05/27/2020 06:00:00,2091933533,\n05/27/2020 07:00:00,1884483598,\n05/27/2020 08:00:00,2625445650,\n05/27/2020 09:00:00,2111161266,\n05/27/2020 10:00:00,3658669545,\n05/27/2020 11:00:00,2770730213,\n05/27/2020 12:00:00,2799597551,\n05/27/2020 13:00:00,2448192878,\n05/27/2020 14:00:00,2343895105,\n05/27/2020 15:00:00,2614559435,\n05/27/2020 16:00:00,2366591552,\n05/27/2020 17:00:00,2195764050,\n05/27/2020 18:00:00,1880526354,\n05/27/2020 19:00:00,1903043104,\n05/27/2020 20:00:00,1809759568,\n05/27/2020 21:00:00,2080015657,\n05/27/2020 22:00:00,2051643365,\n05/27/2020 23:00:00,2309486509,\n05/28/2020 00:00:00,2339750271,\n’


  1. Do I understand correctly that the volume ( 2073080329 , 1892546830 , 1982179371 , etc.) is the volume that the coin was traded for 1 hour ?

  2. To calculate the volume for 1 day, do I need to add up the entire volume of coins for each hour ?

  3. The percentage is displayed on your site (see the screenshot in the email attachment). How can I calculate it based on the volumes obtained using this program?

Hi @Roman,

  1. Yes, that’s hourly volume.
  2. Yes, or you can request a higher range of start to end dates. This endpoint will switch between giving you hourly or daily data depending on the time range between start and end. It’s not an ideal usage pattern and we are moving away from that style but it’s an old endpoint so it has not been upgraded yet.
  3. That change percentage comes from the Global Ticker API endpoint.

Is this possible to make a fixed volume? Can you please help me?

Hi Danver, can you open a new topic for your issue? Then I would be happy to help you.