Price impact wrong?

shows a price of 26 USD for UNO from Freiexchange with a price impact of 93% and a price of 113 USD for UNO from HitBTC with a price impact of 6%, the resulting price is 115 USD though.
Is this a bug, or did i understood something wrong?

This is how price impact is calculated:

UNO has very low volume and liquidity, its price is going to be very volatile.

what about this?
YoBit has an impact of 100% with a volume of $1 and moves the overall price to 0.038, but actual price is 0.02, freiexchange has a volume of $27k with this price.

The weighting system is updated more slowly over a longer period of time. When there are assets like this with very low and in frequent volume it can result in the weight desyncing from the current prices.

I’ll pass this to engineering and we’ll take a look here, as it does look pretty far out of sync.

Looks like we weren’t using FreiExchange’s BSTY/BTC market. I’ve added it and it stabilized the pricing.