price% is not correct API Call

I made a call to retrieve information from ETH but I receive that during the last 30 days the price has moved by 0.6% which is not true. I would like to know if it is me who does not understand well or if it is the data which is wrong.,7d,30d&convert=EUR

“30d”: {
“volume”: “1020588834866.98”,
“price_change”: “610.59479729”,
“price_change_pct”: “0.6917”,
“volume_change”: “323710900121.47”,
“volume_change_pct”: “0.4645”,
“market_cap_change”: “70339166151.96”,
“market_cap_change_pct”: “0.6978”

Hi Dan,

I believed we solved this via the support desk, but just for other folks who are curious or find this via search: the price change percentage is expressed as a rate where 1.0 = 100%. So this is in fact reporting 69% which is correct.

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ok thx :slight_smile: