Prices not accurate

All pairs of TKL have the same price on nomics:

from TKL - Tokel Exchange Markets, Crypto Trading Pairs, Volume & Prices | Nomics
But that is simply wrong, because there were a lot of TKL sales on TKL/LTC pair and that price is much lower then the other ones.
Can be seen on coinpaprika:

Overall price on nomics atm $0.002326 while it is $0.000898 on coinpaprika.


I can assure you our pricing is correct, however there is a limitation of the API when it comes to reporting prices where the asset in question is on the quote side. When we report our markets via the API we report the price of the individual market in terms of the aggregated price for the quote, and then show the market-specific price for the base. This means if all the markets are quote-side like for TKL here, they all have the same aggregated price from the top of the page.

However, under the hood, we are using all the markets individually and creating a weighted price which is what we’re reporting.

I’ve doubled checked the data and everything looks good here. This is a very sparsely traded asset, as you can see by the low volumes and infrequent trades leading to a lot of time lag between markets. This means there can be some large jumps over the course of the day.

Also, I cross checked us with Coinpaprika just now, and our prices deviate by 0.5%.

I guess the ultimate solution would be to determine “quote side” by market cap of the 2 involved coins and not take it as is from the exchange API. On AtomicDEX, the API returns the pairs alphabetically, so if coin A is BTC and coin B is LTC, the pair is returned as BTC/LTC.

We have a method in the works to convert the exchange’s prices so that they will be relative to the average price.

Thanks for reporting this, have a great day!