Question: What is the best way to get all the supported exchanges for an Asset? (And then prices for that exchange)


For example I have a search list of assets, when a user selects an asset I want to allow them to select the exchange they want, to get accurate prices where they trade.

The closet endpoint I found was this:,USDT&quote=BTC,USDT

But I have to type in binance, and it doesn’t return the current price. Is there something that can return all supported exchanges for asset? And then after that get the price for that asset on that exchange?


Oh I just found this:

This can work for what I’m trying to do.

Edit: just tried this in my app for ETH and it returned 1200 results… I can do some array manipulation, but still hoping that I may have overlooked a less expensive way to get all exchanges for an asset :slight_smile:


Hi Leon, sorry for the delay on this!

If you want all markets for a given exchange for particular currencies you can use the API call you wrote in your first message.

For getting prices, the second call (Exchange Market Prices) is the best way right now. It doesn’t yet have a filter for quote currencies though.

Don’t worry about the expense on our side of things, it’s heavily optimized. But I understand it’s a large payload for you to process. We’re working on some new endpoints that will be more customizable and present more complete information at once.

In the meantime, would adding a quote currency filter on Exchange Market Prices work for you for now?