Ranking in the API is different than the website

Hi, I noticed that the ranking as supplied by the API is different than what is shown on nomics.com front webpage. For example, the API returns Electronero as having the 11th rank but it’s not an active crypto-asset and it doesn’t show on the front webpage within the top-100 crypto-asset list. Is there a way to get the ordered ranking for active crypto-assets from the API to reproduce the same list on nomics.com front webpage?


Nomics.com is built using the API and uses the Currency Ticker endpoint, but it groups the currencies into “Active”, “Inactive” and “Deadcoin” using the price_timestamp field. Currencies a price_timestamp > a year ago are deadcoins, and > 24 hours ago are inactive. Once it’s performed that grouping it re-ranks them.

The API returns them all in a raw ranked form. If you want the same ranks as Nomics.com, you can perform the same logic on your servers of grouping and reranking.

Thanks for the answer. How do you rank assets that 1) doesn’t have a circulating supply or it is unknown and 2) inactive or deadcoins?

On Nomics.com, we do not give a rank to unpriced assets, they are just sorted by name. Inactive and deadcoins are ranked by their “final” market cap.

In the API, they are all ranked by their last known market cap. We plan to expand this to be more in line with what Nomics.com shows.