Realtime price updates


What is the best way to get realtime prices? Do you have websockets? If not does that mean we would have to poll your server frequently (i.e every 10 seconds to get the most up to date prices)?

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That’s correct. We don’t have websockets at this time, you would need to poll. Our prices update every 10 seconds anyways, so you would not get the data any faster with websockets.

The price can change multiple times within 10 seconds. What do you mean “you would not get the data any faster with websockets?”

OUR prices are updated every 10 seconds internally, so even with a websocket we don’t have an update between those processing intervals. We do not run our pricing methodology algorithms more frequently at this time, so websockets would deliver an update every 10 seconds when our prices are updated.

We are working on making our prices update faster and on adding websockets, we understand it would be very valuable to many people.