Recreating Market Cap and Daily Volume

Hi, I am trying to recreate the market cap and daily volume values using the free API to match the values shown on the home webpage of I used filtering to just sum the market cap and daily volume values for all assets with prices less than an hour of age and again with less than one day of age and still I didn’t reach the same numbers displayed (~ 38B on Nmoics vs 66B I am getting for daily volume). The market cap value I am getting is somewhat close but not exact. Am I missing something or is the way the paid API is using is different?



Summing up currency volume is not the correct way to get global volume, it in fact double counts markets. For example, consider a market ETH/BTC. We count this market towards the volume of ETH and BTC, so then if you sum the volume of ETH and BTC you’ve counted this market twice.

This is why we provide a separate endpoint for global volume:

Which aggregates volume at the market level.

Users of paid plans can access our new “Global Ticker” which makes these values very easy to access for predefined time periods:

Thanks for your prompt reply. I checked the /volume/history, however, the daily volume for the current day seems to start from midnight and not on a 24-hour basis. Is there any other way to calculate it using a 24-hour basis without resorting to the paid API?

Yes, if you supply a shorter time interval you can get hourly increments. This is what we use for the volume chart at the top of the page:

Thank you for the answer.

Off topic, how do I report wrong/outdated data for one of the asset? Can you add a button on every webpage for simple on page reporting/feedback?

Reporting it here or via are both fine.

The circulating supply for BitTube (TUBE) should be 273,743,233 coins not $5 equivalent, I think.

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Thanks! I’ve verified this and we will update it, as well as setting the max to the correct value of 1b.

BitTube’s market cap and supply have been updated.