Retrieve Contract Address for Coins

I’ve been reviewing the documentation, and I can’t find a way to retrieve the contract address for a coin. Can this be added?

When building an app that scans the blockchain, I am finding the best way to identify the coin is the contract address. This is because there are many cases where different coins use the same ticker/symbol (like RARE for example), and not all blockchain explorers use the exact same name for a coin. So it’s not very reliable to use the coin symbol and/or name on a blockchain explorer to match it with with a market API like Nomics. The contract address on the other hand is consistent and cannot be duplicated. Therefore it would be helpful to be able reference a coin on the Nomics API via the contract address (or at least lookup the contract address). This also means that Nomics would need to include network/platform information as well because now a single coin can exist on multiple platforms/networks but they have a different contract address on each network (Chainlink for example).

Referencing contract addresses is an existing feature on both CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap APIs, but Nomics has more coins in it’s index :slight_smile:


We’ve had contract addresses for quite some time via the Currencies Metadata endpoint:

The relevant response fields are:


Hello @nrg ,

Thanks for your response! Good to hear contract addresses are in your system. However the Metadata endpoint isn’t working for the free plan. The response is:

“You don’t have permissions to access this endpoint. Check your API key and our documentation at for details.”

however, the documentation doesn’t say it’s only for the paid plans. I posted about this a few days ago here: How to get a full list of IDs on the free plan

It’s pretty tough to use this API as a free plan if we can’t even access the list of available coin ids, which as far as I’ve been able to discern can only be done with the Metadata endpoint. Without that list, trying retrieving data for a particular coin is like shooting in the dark.

Hi @libengan:

Unfortunately, the metadata endpoint is no longer available with the free plan. That said, you can get IDs from the currencies ticker endpoint.

This is indicated here: