Simple price return

Hi there im new here and im wondering is there a simple curl http url to return an asset price only no other information just the asset price rather than write a batch file or code to strip out un needed chr$ so i can then pass this price information on to a program that im writing. This is just a hobby project and the cleanest possible return for just a price would be amazing or the most simplest return possible so i don’t have to work to hard to to strip out information from the string returned as i have limited coding knowledge but do get enjoyment from doing small coding and batch project any help is welcome thank you in advance to any one that can shed some light on this topic thx Steven

Not at this time.

The simplest approach would be to fetch the Currency Ticker with ids=ABC&interval=false where ABC is the Nomics ID of the asset you want the price for.

Then, you would parse the response as json and get the first element’s price field, something like data[0].price.

thank you very much and thank you for your fast reply on the matter