Something strange happens to ETH daily volume at midnight GMT

I have noticed that there is something very strange happens to ETH daily volume after midnight GMT in the past few weeks. It is happening now as I am writing this post (00:15 GMT). ETH daily volume jumps to 10.5 septillion dollars. This can’t be true of course. I have an API dump file and a screenshot for you to troubleshoot.

I deleted the last portion of the JSON file due to the upload limit. It is the ETH daily volume to look for in the top of the file.

dump.json (3.8 MB)

Hi thanks for reporting this issue. We’re investigating and we will update you as we proceed. We appreciate you taking the time to let us know.

Hi, following up that we are still digging into this issue, it is still high priority for us. We will update you as we proceed.

The issue is still occurring. This time it is iExec RLC. The volume isn’t real and it looks like it is influenced by a derivative traded on Binance.

RLC_dump.json (1.5 KB) 1596986850_dump_961621.json (1.4 KB)
Screenshot 2020-08-09 at 16.28.43


That was a separate issue with an outlier market which we handled individually. We’re working on more automated ways of catching these sooner.

Since your report we haven’t seen any more ETH midnight issues after adding a lot of tracking and debugging logic to try to catch one. It’s possible it was a temporary bad market. Like I mentioned, we’re working on more thorough ways of preventing these kinds of errors.

Hi again, (YFI) is playing strangely. Look at the hourly and daily change. yfi_dump.json (1.2 KB)

Looks like they had quite a run:

Major markets have consensus:

Yes, they did have a run, but the daily percentage change is way off. It is showing as 174,558.97%. Please see screenshots and API data dump.

Screenshot 2020-08-22 at 00.48.07

yfi_dump.json (1.4 KB)

It is happening again with an hourly price change of %25376248.61.
yfi_dump.json (1.4 KB)

Thanks we’ll check it out.