Sparkline Daily instead of Weekly interval

I’m Using the nomics sparkline APi:

While not documented, it seems like for a time range that is <30 days the API returns 30 data points and for any time range >30 days it returns (endDate-startDate/7) data points.

For ranges that are >30 days is it possible to get all the values instead of split by weeks. While I do not want to plot every value, I want to calculate risk and return compounded daily over that interval.

Maybe there is another API I should be using to get this? I’m evaluating Nomics through the free plan at the moment. Thank you!

Hi Shelby,

I’m so sorry about the late response here, looks like I lost the notification for this post. We normally reply much quicker.

The sparklines cutoff is:

1h intervals for up to 7 days
1d intervals for up to 365 days
1w intervals beyond 365 days

So, if you want 1w intervals, you can request more than a 365d time range.

This endpoint is built upon the Aggregated OHLCV endpoint which gives you much more control over granularity and has much finer grained responses (as well as volume, open, high, and low values). If you want more detail and control, use that one.

Nick Gauthier
CTO @ Nomics

Hi Nick,

No problem. Sorry I didn’t describe my problem accurately:

Here is a time range for BTC with sparklines that is in a 2 month range. According to what you’ve described I should be getting ~60 datapoints. Instead I get 8 (i.e. 8 weeks = 60days). I do not want it to be weekly, I want the daily intervals.

See picture below:
Using this:

Let me know if I am using/thinking about this API incorrectly. Thanks

You’re right, I’m sorry I was looking at the deprecated sparkline endpoint, not the currencies sparkline endpoint.

The currencies sparkline endpoint give hourly values only when the interval is less than 48 hours, and daily values only when the interval is less than 45 days.

So, you will need to make two queries to get 60 days at the daily interval. The reason for these limitations is to cap the maximum amount of data queried and returned per request for performance.

Got it.

So if we want to get daily values over a 365 day window we would have to query the API ceil(365/8)=9 times.

Are there other endpoints (free or paid) that would give me similar information rather than using sparklines? (I don’t mind if they require repeated calls)

Yes, the Aggregated OHLCV Candles endpoint provides most customization and granularity.

It’s on the paid plan, and if you’d like a trial please reach out at

Great, will do that. Thanks!