Superfarm ID not found in ID's returned from API

We are using the nomics API in our spreadsheet to grab current prices for our portfolio, but can’t seem to find the ID for Superfarm.

In searching “SUPER” for all of the ID’s that are returned, here are their current values:


and none of these are close to the current price of $1.20 USD.

Then I went to the nomics page for SuperFarm (SUPER - SuperFarm Price, Charts, All-Time High, Volume & Markets - In USD, EUR, CNY etc. | Nomics) and looked at the HTML source, I see id=SUPER2, but alas, SUPER2 is not in the list of ID’s returned by the API.

Any help here would be greatly appreciated.

Hi you can find this in two ways:

  1. Via the Currencies Metadata endpoint:,name,original_symbol
  2. Use the first component of the URL on the Nomics Page:

In this case it’s SUPER2.

nrg - Unfortunately SUPER2 is not returned in the dataset from the API call. Not sure what’s going on.

I took a closer look here and we didn’t have all the markets enabled for this asset. I’ve cleared that up. Also got the circulating supply set up so we can report a market cap and rank. That will take a few minutes to propagate out.

Thanks much! i will keep an eye out for it :slight_smile:

It’s there :slight_smile:

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