Swift SDK supporting iOS, macOS, tvOS, and watchOS

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I’ve seen a few open-source projects for the API, and have started one for Apple’s platforms and ecosystems. The Swift SDK is still in early development, but at least allows basic operations for fetching Nomics API data.

Crypto projects are more sensitive than normal projects and you have to be mindful of what dependencies you use, so the aim is to keep it very lightweight and limit the number of external dependencies it has.

The SDK is available via Swift Package Manager, Cocoapods and Carthage. There’s a basic sample app that demonstrates making requests to the API (but it doesn’t have any UI yet). Test coverage is around 70%, and the tests ensure that endpoints match the documentation on the Nomics website, and that parameters for each endpoint are correctly formed.

Feel free to open issues, pull requests, or leave feedback here if you need help getting started!

Nomics.com Swift SDK

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Really enjoyed reviewing this. Thanks for sharing and please keep us apprised of updates.