The lastpage of the currencies ticker endpoint

Could anyone tell me if there is an easy way to obtain the current last page for the currency ticker endpoint? I would like to obtain all statuses and not use the filter.

I can obtain the last page number only when I look at the website, but there the default is only listing active projects and other pages (/deadcoins etc.) are listing the rest.

I am trying to finish my data import script to stop at the last page, always obtaining all info on all projects in one go.

I’m using R and RStudio.

It’s available via the API:

Hello Nick,

Thanks for that, I found the number in the response header: 62222, massive.

How does this relate to the pages listed on for the actively traded, dead, new and not priced tabs? Those pages add up to 631 pages of data (if new is not duplicated elsewhere) and - if multiplied by 100 per page results - would add up to 63100 results, so 631 pages?

If new is duplicated, subtract 7 and I would get 624 pages which comes close to what the header shows: 62222 total results.

If correct, can you confirm?

Some new assets are active and some are inactive, and some final pages are not full (they could have between 1 and 100 assets). So this all sounds correct to me.

When you request the full ticker like that it’s more effectively “packed” into pages. But when we display them in tabs the final pages may have more space in them.

Keep in mind uses the same currency ticker endpoint (and the same API) as if it was a user, it has no special treatment or secret endpoints. You’re using the same data as we are on

Clear, thanks! I’m running my query now on 623 pages, bit heavy but I think this is what I was after for now. Thanks a lot for the quick replies.