Transaction volume vs sell and buy volumes

Hi all!

I would like to download the coin quotes and their transaction, but I found that quantity is just as single value.

The doubt is; is it true that a sell is just one transaction or the are a bought and a sell?

Said in other words, A sell 1 BTC to B is one transaction or counts as two?

(In my opinion is one, but I appreciate what you say.)


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Sorry I don’t completely understand your question. If you are referring to our trades data, that should be individual buy and sell executions. Some exchanges merge these across multiple orders while others split them out.

Sorry: I’m dumb.

Of course there is just a transaction.

I was confused because I saw in some graph the bar with the volume of transactions in that period; a part was red and the other part was green. I thought there should be two values selling and buying; then I realized that they would have to be always the 50% , so I gave me the answer that they was green when the transaction happened when the quote was raising, and red when it happened when the quote was getting down.

Am I guessing right?

Yes, green candles mean the price went up during the period, and red is down.

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I’m reading.
Do you have also a link for the Nomics’ API?

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