Using Nomics API to track price action of a coin


So we’re building an app that requires creating a trading plan where users can select a coin, and enter different price targets (up to 4).

We need to track the price action of the particular coin selected by the user on the backend and notify him when the coin hit any of his target.

To do do this, it seems we have to send a request every 10 or 20 seconds to get the current price of the coin.

Considering that Nomics charges per API request, will I be charged every time I send a request for latest price of the coin? or the charge is only when I request the coin and current price for the first time.

Or does Nomics API provide a better way to achieve this without having to send a request every 20 seconds?

Please let me know.

Thank you.


Yes, you will need to make an API request each time to get the current price, and this counts towards your API usage.

oooh ok.


That’s not feasible .