Volume 1h and 1d

Hi everyone,

When I used this api part (https://api.nomics.com/v1/currencies/ticker) and try to get volume (1h) and volume (1d), I successfully receive the data. But when I compare it with the visual graph on the website I am confused and did not understand if received data volume (1h) and volume (1d) are correct or not. For your information I enclose images here below:

These are going to be hard to compare because you’re comparing rolling data from the ticker at a partial day and hour mark with discrete hour and day values on the website, which are coming from the Candles endpoint.

So when you compare a 1h change from the ticker at 09:15 UTC to a candle that spans 08:00-09:00 UTC or 09:00-10:00 they are not going to line up.

Additionally, the currency ticker is using data that is as fresh as possible, which is often incomplete as we ingest data from exchanges, whereas the candles update overtime (and retroactively) as data comes in from slower exchanges and markets.