Volume History Data Extreme Difference with Other Days

Hi everyone,

I have two questions.

First is;

  1. When ı use the API "URL= "https://api.nomics.com/v1/volume/history?key="+key+"&start="+start+"&end="+end+"&convert="+convert", the data ı got between 6/11/2021-10/11/2021 and on the dates 31/10/2021, 04/11/2021 are extremely different with the other days.


  1. I want to use the daily volume and the price of a given currency. Is the API ı should use is “Aggregated OHLCV Candles” ? Is it possible to use this API for free?
  1. Thanks for the report. I see the outlier data on global volume, we will fix this and respond when it is complete.

  2. This endpoint is only available on our paid plans: Plans to Grow With You | Nomics

  1. Is now resolved. Thanks again for reporting.

Thanks for your quick solution.

You are welcome.