What algorithm for global data

Global Market Data graph on the dashboard - how? how Do you get interval data for all market cap?

I’m blind and cant see the thing is in the docs. - my b

I’m not sure that I understand the question. Would you mind helping understand a bit better what you’re trying to know?

Wasn’t trying to offend @amlcodes … we’d love to help. Would you mind providing a little more context for your question?

You don’t seem to have a global market cap endpoint. Is there an algorithm combined with a data point you do have to gather the information needed to get a global market cap at intervals of time.

We use the Market Cap History endpoint to generate the global market cap graph on our dashboard. The data returned from this endpoint will adjust to the interval that you provide, so if you provide a day interval, you will get hourly data, and for a week you will get daily data, etc.


oh geez, I did COMPLETELY miss market cap. I have no idea how, I literally did a search on market cap and kept coming back to it. Sorry guys. Thanks for seeing past my ignorance.

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No problem. This happens. Do you have any suggestions on how to make this info more findable?