Why all these changing API plans and results?

Can someone please explain why there have been 2 or 3 different API plans over the last few months and Nomics keep switching it up? The limit on 100 results also came out of the blue and my products/scripts/trackers were not functioning properly anymore.

I was perfectly happy with my old API key that did what I wanted (full list of coins and prices). The free API key went out of service and I got a paid one. Now you changed it back to being free? The old endpoint still works for a simple list of prices for everything it seems.

In addition, there are now only 100 results for the currency tickers, whereas prior I had all of them with one query…

Personally, it feels a bit strange, are we being pushed to more queries and higher paid plans? Besides, where is the communication regarding all of this? Did I miss it?

My scripts are getting wrecked and I’m not a pro developer by any standard. Again I have to find some workaround or merge more data or fast-track my learning and write some functions to loop all of the 130 pages but that would be be a lot of calls.

Sorry for being slightly salty but I really want to keep liking and using the Nomics product(s).

Please point me towards the reasoning or explanation? Much appreciated :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance!