Wildly incorrect data from /volume/history

A recent request to ‘https://api.nomics.com/v1/volume/history’ yielded 4,395,039,891,019 for 3/28/22 and 2,292,064,913,711 for 3/29/22 which cannot be accurate. Can this data be fixed?

Also for 3/30/22 the number is 578,778,179,444 which seems quite high compared to the rest of the year, not sure if really a high volume day or more bad data.

Oh, one more incorrect data point is 01/27/22 which is returning 230,509,193,793,559.

This is the second time this error has occurred. Sadly this problem totally messes up many charts on my analytics dashboard making is unusable.

Hope that there can be some tests written so that this doesn’t happen again in the future. Thanks.

Upon further inspection, it seems the calculation for most days since 2021-06-25 are messed up.

Hi thanks for reporting this. Our automated outlier detection caught and corrected all of these except for the 01/27/2022 which I corrected manually and will be reflected within about an hour.

Awesome, greatly appreciate the quick response.