WRLD symbol returning different asset than website

When you look up WRLD on the nomics website, it returns NFT Worlds (WRLD), which is the expected result. When you request WRLD on the API, you get id: ‘WRLD’, currency: ‘WRLD’, symbol: ‘WRLD’, name: ‘TheWorldsAMine’, which is an inactive coin.


The Nomics ID of NFT Worlds is WRLD2.

Yeah I can see why that’s like that but the challenge it presents is that most lookups are done by symbol, including mine. I get that there are inevitable overlaps but its not immediately obvious that WRLD2 would be the symbol to use when even the website uses WRLD

Unfortunately without a governing body of unique IDs in the crypto world, there’s no way to prevent overlaps like this. We recommend you use Contract IDs when available and also to take care to identify assets correctly when looking them up via the API.