XUSDP being traded?

Hi Nomics,

I saw this coin XUSDP being traded on Finexbox at $930 All buys & sells.

How come that the trading price value of XUSDP doesn’t reflect on nomics?

It’s been trading for 5 days already

Hi Steve, thanks for the heads up. It was not automatically added because the price was significantly deviated and it was very low volume. I’ve added it manually.

Keep in mind because the volume is very low and infrequent it will not be weighted as strongly as Uniswap.


Hi Alright thank you very much for the info

Hi Nomics, It should also be noted that XUSDP has its own value without market liquidity, you can easily verify these things. I think you have done a major misfortune to XUSDP and you should do everything in your power to rectify it.

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