Hello NOMICS support! Can you please explain these images (and video) that is being circulated claiming that NOMICS can display the true XUSDP value through changing the display currency in the upper right corner of your website.

Does XUSDP have 8.30T in 24hr volume? Can you please clarify as people in the project are claiming this is XUSDP volume and its being “hidden” through inactive tab…

Seems a bit dishonest and misleading…

On Nomics you can convert the page to any currency you want. For example, here’s all the volume in the space with exchanges ranked by volume, converted to BTC:

Naturally, you can also convert the page to XUSDP if you want to:

Note that in the image here, there are no active exchanges trading XUSDP.

Note also in the image you shared above, that you are on the “inactive” tab, because no exchanges are currently trading XUSDP.

Here’s the XUSDP Page on Nomics:

Clearly showing a price of $0.036957 and 24 volume of $299 at the time of this post.

Just so I am clear, are you saying the trillions being shown have nothing to do with XUSDP volume or market size? Meaning its not trillions in XUSDP?

The XUSDP team have a video circulating saying these trillions are “proof of the assets being loaded” and “trillions of dollars of XUSDP” and claim its inactive because NOMICS has not listed their Dexuno exchange.

That’s correct. The screenshot does not represent XUSDP volume. That screenshot shows the global crypto volume of the entire space, quoted (converted) to XUSDP.

Neither the XUSDP team nor the Dexuno team have provided the required API access to price via Dexuno.

Also, note that you can view XUSDP on Dexuno here:

Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear to load. I am not sure Dexuno is operational. The last time I checked the market didn’t have any volume for a few days, and the only orders on the book were a few sells.

The only active market we are aware of is Uniswap: