You don't have permissions to access this endpoint

@nrg I’m not very tech savvy but

  1. for basic/free plan- I guess it only incl. currencies ticker…right? And you’re saying we cannot control what all columns/data are returned by JSON?
  2. does your paid plan data gets refreshed more frequently than free (10sec)
  3. what is "transparency data " and is it part of free plan?
  4. where specifically on your website can I find currency IDs for any specific coin?

and thanks for responding above. Seen quite a few threads where no response is accorded for days, not just hours.

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  1. Correct
  2. No, same data and API

4. It’s part of the website url. If you’re using the API you should use the Currencies Metadata endpoint to get currency ID lists.

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Tried a few times but gives formula parse error - tried diff. versions but still didnt work- tried dropping concatenate but still error - given below again

"=importJSON(CONCATENATE(““nomics api!C2”&interval=1d,30d&per-page=100&page=1”))

not sure why we’re using concatenate here. And symbols are pulling fine in your suggested steps 1 & 2 of formulas! Its just the syntax of 3rd step that is off?


note the extra , infront and after “, … ,”

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i am facing exactly the same error no matter what i tried.
I am using the free api because i am developing an app for someone who would acquire the paid api afterwards.
I tried the examples here :

and same result

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