Zetacoin Code Upgrade

Greetings - I represent the Zetacoin project.
We recently migrated to a PoW/PoS chain, and neither YoBit nor CoinEgg responded to our call to upgrade the code. Consequently, their wallets are basically outdated / invalid, and prices are currently 100% fictional.
The only reliable exchanges that actually have ACCURATE pricing data in their API are: AtomicDEX, FreiExchange, FreiXLite, and Unnamed.

We appreciate your prompt attention to this issue!
Regards & Thanks,
Stan / EWMCI

Additional info regarding Zetacoin Code Upgrade:

New repo: GitHub - WikiMin3R/ZetacoinE: This is the official repository for Zetacoin - New Edition - Updated and maintained by EWMCI, LLC. Major upgrade included transition to Scrypt (Hybrid PoW + PoS) from SHA256 (PoW only).

The old code is unacceptably susceptible to 51% attacks and has dangerously high risk of unintended forks

Here’s our community Discord: Zetacoin

Understood. We have excluded Yobit from pricing ZET. The price will be updated shortly. It may take up to an hour for historical data to update.

Thank you kindly. CoinEgg also is an issue… they are on old chain, and their wallet is broken (not able to deposit / withdraw). We have Chinese members of our community, who attempted to contact CoinEgg and were repeatedly ignored.

We will continue to reach out to both, and if there are any favorable responses, will immediately notify all listing services, including Nomics :slight_smile:


Regarding CoinEgg… this is not a new issue… see a Reddit post from 2 years ago: https://www.reddit.com/r/zetacoin/comments/gbb850/please_stop_harmful_robotrades_on_coinegg/

Understood. CoinEgg has also been excluded.